February 2, 2009

effin millard.

Jumpinjeezus !

January 28 at 4:11pm
1,523 friends…..slut !!!
January 30 at 1:06am
I know.
Some are kind of stalkery.
My favorites are the Asians….so damn chatty.
I can’t believe Andrew added me. He must be growing up. And Brandon finally added me to his Myspace. Now that I’ve seen him drunk on numerous occasions. Plus I helped him clean up his friend’s barf last night (he’s home for 2.5 weeks). Do you have Twitter?
January 30 at 2:41pm
Do I have Twitter ?..Yeth I have two… a cardigan and a cathmere one. Why do you athk ?


January 31 at 2:23am
R u speaking luddite?

How sad is it that I’m replying to you via iPod touch whilst lying in bed, listening to 20 year olds get drunk and try to play wii rock band?

January 31 at 11:33am
What’s the sad part ? Oh nevermind, I know, it’s having to hear the Guitar Hero version of Barracuda for the 80th time.

I LOVED the sound of drunken 20 year olds in my house…it always meant they weren’t splattered on the highway somewhere.
Can’t tell you how many Sunday mornings there were where they were stacked like cord wood in my living room…all safe and sound..and smelly.

February 1 at 12:44am

I think the sad part was the time…2:23am. At 4:00am, 3 were still playing Rock Band, 4 were eating Jack in the Box, 1 was out on the floor with writing on her arms, and Andrew was on the couch taking it all in. Unlike wednesday night when he joined them playing Beer Pong and then Mike having to throw him out the door for school in the morning.

Sad, too, is that it wasn’t that long ago that I was one of the 20 year olds…

Mostly, I just love my iPod Touch.

February 1 at 1:30pm
Can you play Beer Pong on an Ipod Touch ? I’m still way behind the curve with my 80 gig Classic.

Oh…and it was that long ago….sorry.



I happily watched music videos and played games on my iPod during the Super Bowl because I wasn’t even remotely interested in either of the teams. I even re-watched my favorite commercials (yep, they were already posted). It sucks that L.A. has no football team, but not as much as it sucked when we had the Raiders.

And I also watched the youtube video of 350 pictures of Rob Pattinson in under 3 minutes a few more times because he’s so pretty. Thanks to unintended choice at Letters to Rob for that. source



Wow…4 years

January 29, 2009

So much has happened in the last 4 years, but recently I’m addicted to Twilight. and Hawaii. and Lost (which I guess would go under Hawaii, or vice versa).

Andrew graduated high school (he’s singing at graduation, second from left)

Brandon has spent the last 4.5 years in the Navy, but will come home for good in August (after 4th deployment to the Persian Gulf)

Ashley’s going to Boise State and working at M.A.C. (pic with Andrew)

and we have 2 new babies:


and Dozer

So, back to Twilight.

It took me a while to get into the first book, but once I did, I couldn’t put it down and rushed out to buy the next 2, which I read in 2 days. Then I borrowed the last one, and I still have it ( I did give the borrower a brand new copy of it….I just couldn’t return it, having read it 3 times).
As of now, I’m in a vicious cycle of reading all 4 of them and starting all over…..over and over again. Except now I read the partial Midnight Sun while I read Twilight so I can have it in stereo. As much as I love Edward (and I do….way more than Bella does, especially after the movie),  he can seem a little bi-polar. I guess when you’re that pretty, you can be pretty much anything and I’ll love you.

reminds me of this one:

big city motor cop

big city motor cop


Sure is quiet around here

June 28, 2004

Mike and Brandon are in Cabo and they come home tomorrow night. The last few days have been soooo quiet around here. I got some painting done ( walls, not canvas )and planting red, white, and purple flowers in my front yard. My mom is becoming senile or something. She swears my girl scout leader was at the house and keeps asking me how she found us (cuckoooooo). I haven’t seen the woman since I started menstruating for God’s sake.

Anyway, Brandon graduated high school, Andrew graduated middle school, Mike is working on an anti-gang task force at night, and I got to go to Las Vegas for Takala’s bachelorette party. Fun times. I stayed with my bestest friend, Barbara, and we had such a great time together.

Well, it’s late and I should try to sleep, even though I have a headache from paint fumes…………..toodle-oo.


Making plans……….

March 12, 2004

So….did you hear about the 3 holes in the ground? No? Well, well, well…….LOL. That was courtesy of the Sherminator….

We’re off to Laughlin, NV for a golf tournament. Boy do I need to get out of this house. The building inspector came and signed off on our drywall, so we can tape and mud it now, then paint, put the plug covers in and get the final inspection….YAY.

I talked to Takala today and she and Tarik are getting married August 20th in Maui. Can’t wait. Mike & I are going on a cruise to Ensenada August 13-16, and Mike & Brandon are going to Cabo in for deep sea fishing in June. Andrew goes to D.C. in April. We also have a campout in Oceanside Easter weekend (4/9-4/11). Then we go to Sequoia in July to scatter Dad’s ashes. We are definitely going to be busy in the coming months. 



March 8, 2004

Well I’m starting to look forward to Laughlin and just getting away from here. I spent today cleaning, cramping, cooking, baking, and installing new Norton on my computer. Mike is on his short vacation, so he’s home for 2 weeks. I guess I need to go get some beer tomorrow.

Andrew is so upset because he can’t use his computer on weeknights because he got a bad progress report. He’s supposed to be going to Washington DC next month. He’s also going to Catalina with his Soc. Studies class, and he has a concert Wednesday with the All-District Band. Brandon pretty much seems to be justy waiting to graduate, Since he signed up for the Navy, job hunting went out the window. He’s going to Boot Camp 6 months from yesterday. I’m going to be a mess.

 Mike has been working on the garage, and it’s close to being done and getting the final inspection. Finally.

 Last night the rising moon was the most huge I’ve ever seen it. It lasted about 10 minutes, but that sucker was LARGE. It was really hot today. It felt great……….



March 4, 2004

Tonight I had a Lady Elks Board meeting—President Donna’s last one, so she bought us all dinner and a beautiful gift….sweet girl. Had a bad day because last night was AWFUL…. my mom overmedicated herself and couldn’t walk, so I had to carry/drag her back and forth from the toilet to the bed and I screwed up my shoulder. On a happier note, she woke up 24 hours later and is none the worse for wear. Also, I get to go to Laughlin in a week…hoo-hoo


I voted

March 3, 2004

Mike was off again today. At least I know what it’ll be like when he retires in 10 years….the same as now! Anyway, we bought flooring for our bedroom addition and got it home before it started coming down tabbies and chihuahuas. We also voted, I cleaned and did laundry and cooked dinner, took Andrew’s scooter to the repair shop, and the kids were quiet again tonight. Must be the rain. I was instant messaging Andrew and he got a laugh out of it. Then I was replying to him and he sneaked up behind me and spoke his answer…..scared the bejesus out of me…