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February 25, 2009

My secret obsession is Letters to Rob, but in the last couple of days, they’ve been getting 500, 800+ comments, and I just can’t get through it all. So I obsess about what I’m missing. Especially links to stuff like this: greendoorclub, oscararrival, and sohot.




February 22, 2009

We just got back from our campout, so I won’t be going to the oscars since mikey’s off. But I did watch George Pennachio (he was so great with Mr.O and the jazz band in ’07) interview Rob Pattinson. If I didn’t have major love for that kid, I do now. The Oscars are supposed to be all secretive this year and no one’s allowed to say anything about what they’re doing, so Rob’s all ” I’m presenting…with Amanda Seyfried”.

Plus, he’s hot



My Husband writes Edward Cullen a speeding ticket

February 18, 2009

So Mike was in court yesterday.

I said ” How was it?”

Mike: ” I wrote a ticket to a 17 year old in a grey Volvo”

My jaw dropped. “Was it a C-30”?

He looks at the ticket, “Yep”.

I asked, ” Was it a boy?”


Increduously, I said “you wrote a 17 year old boy in a silver Volvo C-30 a ticket”.


“What for?” I asked, somehow knowing the answer already.


I had to know…”was his name Edward?”

“No, it’s Zach”.

Well, you know those Cullens with their multiple accounts and identities. I never pictured them in Rancho Palos Verde, but I guess it’s pretty foggy and overcast this time of year.



72°F in Dubai

February 18, 2009
  • Brandon’s off to Dubai, Kuwait, and/or Iraq. He didn’t volunteer the info and I didn’t ask. Hopefully it’ll be less stressful this time, for all of us. Mostly me and him.  At least the weather’s good. Maybe I’ll get another rug. He called and I missed it, so I probably won’t hear from him for months.Bran

Brandon leaves, but Rob is back. 62°F in L.A. Chilly for me, but I’m always cold if it’s below 70. I guess I won’t be at the Oscars since we’re camping and Mike is on call to the Major Accidents Investigation unit all weekend. Oh well.


I usually dislike beards intensely, but I don’t even care in this case.


    Edwardless books?

    February 14, 2009

    So I went to Border’s to pre-order the Twilight DVD and I actually bought a book in the vain hope that I’ll be able to actually read a book without Edward Cullen in it (which is something I haven’t done since last summer). I can barely read a blog unless he (or Rob) is mentioned. So I got “The Savage Detectives” by Roberto Bolano. It was on the NY Times topten books of 2007, and last year his book 2666 was again a top ten book. Sadly the guy’s been dead for 5 years, but he’s still churning them out. The funny thing is, the main reason I got the book is that I saw a picture of Rob Patterson at the airport with 2666 on his luggage cart, so I figured it must be a good book (no, I don’t know why).


    Well I picked up and browsed through 2666 and that sucker is over 900 pages. In a pretty small font. There’s no way I could commit myself to go sans Edward that long. So I got The Savage Detectives instead. I heard it’s a better book anyway. I’ll probably try to read it after I finish the Twilight saga again. I got the Twilight books in my apps on my iTouch, so I don’t even have to carry them around anymore.


    drunk rock band

    February 6, 2009

    It’s amazing how many hours some people can fill drinking and singing and playing fake drums and guitars. And how loud it can be. And how much I suck at it. My theory is that people who can actually play a real guitar suck at Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I think I heard that Eddie Van Halen sucks at Guitar Hero, and he plays guitar. I don’t play guitar as well as he does, but I do suck at the games as well.

    Now that it’s Friday, it’s as quiet as a mortuary. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.


    how do i love thee?

    February 4, 2009

    I just get the biggest kick out of Letters to Rob. The 2 girls that run that site crack my sh*t up. I must log on to that site 10 times a day. Well, probably 5. And how much do I love Rob? way too much, I think. During the Super Bowl I rewatched the video of the Twilight Vanity Fair photoshoot for the 4th time. Well, probably 5th. Just to see Rob. And then I was thinking that they should just release the Twilight DVD as like a 6+ hour movie with all the footage they shot. I know I’d watch it. Everyday, most likely (who am I kidding….I’d have it on a loop playing on all the TVs and iPods we own).