My Husband writes Edward Cullen a speeding ticket

February 18, 2009

So Mike was in court yesterday.

I said ” How was it?”

Mike: ” I wrote a ticket to a 17 year old in a grey Volvo”

My jaw dropped. “Was it a C-30”?

He looks at the ticket, “Yep”.

I asked, ” Was it a boy?”


Increduously, I said “you wrote a 17 year old boy in a silver Volvo C-30 a ticket”.


“What for?” I asked, somehow knowing the answer already.


I had to know…”was his name Edward?”

“No, it’s Zach”.

Well, you know those Cullens with their multiple accounts and identities. I never pictured them in Rancho Palos Verde, but I guess it’s pretty foggy and overcast this time of year.



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