how do i love thee?

February 4, 2009

I just get the biggest kick out of Letters to Rob. The 2 girls that run that site crack my sh*t up. I must log on to that site 10 times a day. Well, probably 5. And how much do I love Rob? way too much, I think. During the Super Bowl I rewatched the video of the Twilight Vanity Fair photoshoot for the 4th time. Well, probably 5th. Just to see Rob. And then I was thinking that they should just release the Twilight DVD as like a 6+ hour movie with all the footage they shot. I know I’d watch it. Everyday, most likely (who am I kidding….I’d have it on a loop playing on all the TVs and iPods we own).



One comment

  1. AWWWW you’re too kind!

    dude that vanity fair thing just gets better with age! it’s the whole reason we started LTR/LTT!!

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