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Sure is quiet around here

June 28, 2004

Mike and Brandon are in Cabo and they come home tomorrow night. The last few days have been soooo quiet around here. I got some painting done ( walls, not canvas )and planting red, white, and purple flowers in my front yard. My mom is becoming senile or something. She swears my girl scout leader was at the house and keeps asking me how she found us (cuckoooooo). I haven’t seen the woman since I started menstruating for God’s sake.

Anyway, Brandon graduated high school, Andrew graduated middle school, Mike is working on an anti-gang task force at night, and I got to go to Las Vegas for Takala’s bachelorette party. Fun times. I stayed with my bestest friend, Barbara, and we had such a great time together.

Well, it’s late and I should try to sleep, even though I have a headache from paint fumes…………..toodle-oo.