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Making plans……….

March 12, 2004

So….did you hear about the 3 holes in the ground? No? Well, well, well…….LOL. That was courtesy of the Sherminator….

We’re off to Laughlin, NV for a golf tournament. Boy do I need to get out of this house. The building inspector came and signed off on our drywall, so we can tape and mud it now, then paint, put the plug covers in and get the final inspection….YAY.

I talked to Takala today and she and Tarik are getting married August 20th in Maui. Can’t wait. Mike & I are going on a cruise to Ensenada August 13-16, and Mike & Brandon are going to Cabo in for deep sea fishing in June. Andrew goes to D.C. in April. We also have a campout in Oceanside Easter weekend (4/9-4/11). Then we go to Sequoia in July to scatter Dad’s ashes. We are definitely going to be busy in the coming months. 



March 8, 2004

Well I’m starting to look forward to Laughlin and just getting away from here. I spent today cleaning, cramping, cooking, baking, and installing new Norton on my computer. Mike is on his short vacation, so he’s home for 2 weeks. I guess I need to go get some beer tomorrow.

Andrew is so upset because he can’t use his computer on weeknights because he got a bad progress report. He’s supposed to be going to Washington DC next month. He’s also going to Catalina with his Soc. Studies class, and he has a concert Wednesday with the All-District Band. Brandon pretty much seems to be justy waiting to graduate, Since he signed up for the Navy, job hunting went out the window. He’s going to Boot Camp 6 months from yesterday. I’m going to be a mess.

 Mike has been working on the garage, and it’s close to being done and getting the final inspection. Finally.

 Last night the rising moon was the most huge I’ve ever seen it. It lasted about 10 minutes, but that sucker was LARGE. It was really hot today. It felt great……….



March 4, 2004

Tonight I had a Lady Elks Board meeting—President Donna’s last one, so she bought us all dinner and a beautiful gift….sweet girl. Had a bad day because last night was AWFUL…. my mom overmedicated herself and couldn’t walk, so I had to carry/drag her back and forth from the toilet to the bed and I screwed up my shoulder. On a happier note, she woke up 24 hours later and is none the worse for wear. Also, I get to go to Laughlin in a week…hoo-hoo


I voted

March 3, 2004

Mike was off again today. At least I know what it’ll be like when he retires in 10 years….the same as now! Anyway, we bought flooring for our bedroom addition and got it home before it started coming down tabbies and chihuahuas. We also voted, I cleaned and did laundry and cooked dinner, took Andrew’s scooter to the repair shop, and the kids were quiet again tonight. Must be the rain. I was instant messaging Andrew and he got a laugh out of it. Then I was replying to him and he sneaked up behind me and spoke his answer…..scared the bejesus out of me…