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yes i know what time it is

February 25, 2004

Lee the electrician was here today and we should have power in the garage tomorrow. Yay…no more laundry by flashlight for me i tell you. It was pretty quiet today and the kids quiet all night….scary. My mom was in bed, so it was a peaceful day and evening. Probably the calm before the storm. I love the rain, except it’s so wet and cold………

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February 24, 2004

talking to donna on the phone and telling her that my bulbs were coming up and isn’t it too early? she says” it’s almost March”. i say “its only february”. guess which one of us is older………whatever time of year it is, it was gorgeous outside today but also very cold. BRRRR. i was cracking up watching south park the other day….the boys kept going to a restaurant called raisins where the girls wore tight t-shirts and flirted w/all of them. i don’t care who you are, that’s funny. Raisins. kind of a busy day today, but much too inane to add here. every time mikey hangs a piece of drywall, i’ve got to go out and look at it and go “ooooh.aaaaah.” but it’s progress, and soon it will be done, Thy will be done. but now that we’ve built it will they come?


sun day

February 22, 2004

It stopped raining. Now my yard is many large puddles of mud. Speaking of Puddle of Mudd, I like their song “she f*ing hates me”. But I digress. Soon the yard will have nice, new concrete and my life will be sane again. I’ll be cleaning this house for a month. It’ll be just like when I was pregnant, except without the vomiting and the leaking breasts………


tired from nothing

February 19, 2004

did our taxes…did laundry…babysat…went bowling…made reservations to laughlin in march…another exciting day in the world of me